A consultation is required for all injectable treatments. Exact prices will be confirmed during your consultation. There is no cost for a consultation or any obligation to go ahead with treatment. Refer to the Additional Information section below for further information about each treatment including what to expect before, during and after each procedure.

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Profhilo® Bioremodelling Skin Laxity Treatment

Additional Information

What is Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is a stable, biocompatible injectable treatment developed and manufactured by IBSA Italia.  It is made from high concentrations of hyaluronic acid.  However, unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo® is not cross linked, which means that instead of staying in place at the points of injection (and providing a volumising or plumping out of lines effect), it is designed to biodegrade over 28 days following injection, releasing the hyaluronic acid over time.  Profhilo® works on skin laxity by stimulating your skin to produce additional collagen and elastin, drawing significant moisture to the treated area and thereby providing an excellent lifting, tightening and skin boosting effect.  The results that can be achieved are quite amazing.

Treatment Areas

Profhilo® can be injected in any area of the face, neck and décolletage where there is skin laxity.  It can even be used for other areas of the body where skin is prone to sagging and wrinkling, such as the backs of the hands or knees.  However, IBSA Italia have developed their own injection method, called the BAP technique (Bio Aesthetic Points), which is the recommended standard approach for the best facial results.  The BAP technique indicates 5 injection points on each side of the face and 0.2 ml of Profhilo® is injected subcutaneously into each of the 10 points.

Practitioner Level

Injectable treatments should only be administered by an aesthetics practitioner who is a qualified, registered and insured healthcare professional.  It is recommended that the injecting practitioner is also a prescriber, so that they can respond quickly to any clinical complications, should they arise. Although complications are rare, particularly with Profhilo®, they do happen from time to time and require clinical intervention to resolve.


Little to none.  Very similar downtime to receiving anti ageing injections, ie. there may be some residual redness and swelling at the injection sites, however, this tends to settle very quickly with the vast majority of clients and it is possible it will be noticeable by the time you leave the clinic.  However, some clients who are prone to bleeding and bruising or who have sensitive skin may have some noticeable redness and perhaps a little bruising which appears a day or so later.  Sometimes, a small lump is visible or palpated at the injection site where the product has been placed, however, this usually dissipates over 24 hours as it is absorbed into your skin.

Before Treatment

An initial consultation is required for all new clients, during which a medical history and clinical assessment will be undertaken.  You will be provided with a full explanation of the procedure, its clinical/aesthetic benefits, the risks, aftercare and the consent process and you can ask as many questions as you need to make an informed decision.  We recommend that you go away and think carefully about the information you have been provided and conduct your own research before consenting to treatment.  

After the initial consultation has taken place (or a review consultation for existing clients), the treatment time itself takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the number of areas treated and whether local anaesthetic is required.

You should arrive at the Skin&Spirit clinic 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, ideally with a make up free face (but we can remove this for you if not) and having not drank any alcohol or taken any non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (eg. aspirin, ibuprofen) in the previous 24 hours.

If you have been prescribed some topical anaesthetic (numbing cream), you will have been given instructions on how and when to apply before arriving at the clinic for your procedure.  Please do not remove it before seeing the practitioner.

During Treatment

If you have been prescribed a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream), you will have already applied this at home (as it needs to be on your skin for up to one hour) and your practitioner will remove this for you in clinic.  If you want to have numbing cream at the clinic, you will need to arrive 45 minutes before your appointment time.  However, Profhilo® is subjectively quite a low pain procedure and numbing is not necessary for most clients.

After cleaning and preparing your skin, you will receive subcutaneous injections of Profhilo® via needle using the BAP technique (or to other sites, as agreed during your consultation).

If you have opted not to have any anaesthetic, you can expect a brief and small amount of discomfort at each injection point due to the needle penetrating the skin.  However, most clients cope very well and there is generally no residual pain. Some clients experience a little bleeding at the point of the injection; this is quite normal and to be expected.  Redness and swelling is a common immediate side effect, although this typically settles very quickly.  Small lumps (where the product is placed) may be visible or palpated after the swelling and redness has settled, but this typically dissipates within 24 hours as the product is absorbed into your skin.

After Treatment

The results from receiving Profhilo® are not properly seen until 4 weeks after the second treatment, ie. 8 weeks after the first treatment (assuming both treatments are given 4 weeks apart).  The overall aesthetic result for each person will vary and depends on the severity of skin laxity before treatment.   

A follow up appointment is offered to all clients 4 weeks post first treatment and 4 weeks post second treatment, to review the result and ensure there are no complications.  

All hyaluronic acid treatments are temporary and the Profhilo® skin tightening effects typically last around 6 months, although every person is different and we all metabolise at different rates.  As hyaluronic acid naturally draws in moisture, you may also notice that the skin around the areas of injection is generally improved and appears more hydrated and youthful.

Risks and Complications

Published clinical data provides compelling evidence of the aesthetics/client benefits and safety profile of hyaluronic acid injectable treatments.  Unlike dermal fillers, the Profhilo® bioremodelling treatment has little in the way of risk and complications, other than those associated with any injectable cosmetic treatment, eg. bruising, allergic/sensitive reactions to hyaluronic acid, other filler ingredients or drugs/products used throughout the process, eg. topical anaesthetic; and bacterial infection.  All of these risks are generally reversible or treatable (assuming your aesthetics practitioner is also a prescriber).