Medik8® 12 Weeks to WOW Programme


Imagine what your skin could look and feel like 12 weeks from now.  Using the best available active skincare ingredients at home, coupled with a bespoke combination of regular Medik8 chemical peel treatments, your best ever skin could be right around the corner.  Let Medik8® at Skin&Spirit show you how.


Basically: Personal training for your skin. In the same way you might visit a Personal Trainer (lucky you) for fitness or even a hairdresser or beautician on a regular basis, Skin&Spirit are trained, accredited Medik8 therapists ready to help you get #Beautiful Skin for Life, by curating a tailor-made skincare programme just for you.  Combining 6 Medik8 professional in-clinic peels tailored to your skin goals, plus an at-home daily skincare routine, prepare to be wowed in just 12 weeks*!


Skin&Spirit take the guesswork out.  Meet regularly with your very own Medik8 accredited therapist who will prescribe a full at-home and in-clinic regime.  Plus hints, tips and motivation along the way.  The result?  To enjoy a remarkable skin transformation at the end of 12 weeks*; your ‘WOW’ moment.  And the opportunity to maintain those results for life. If this sounds like a bit of you, have a read below of the typical journey and what to expect.

If you're interested in the Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW programme, just book in (via online booking, Facebook or telephone) for a nurse or therapist free consultation.

*Duration may vary based on skin type and condition.

What Results Can I Expect?

24 hours post-peel your skin will likely feel a little tight and appear slightly flushed.  Within 3 days your skin will start to flake, but within the week you will start to see clearer, more uniform skin tone.  Over a course of 6 peels, results will be even more visibly profound. 

Your therapist will take before and after pictures of you and document your journey in your 12 Weeks to WOW Passport to track your skin's improvement across such parameters as wrinkle depth, clarity, water content etc; dependent on the skin concern you are treating. 

Can't I Just Have One Peel To Improve My Skin?

It is possible to just have a single peel, but we recommend a course of 6 to really see the long-term skin benefits.  It's a little like going to the gym; you can go occasionally but the real results will come when you commit to an ongoing programme.  We make starting your peel journey really easy with Skin&Spirit's Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW programme.

How Much Is It?

Prices for a 12 Weeks to WOW programme including homecare start from £490 but it truly depends on the bespoke programme designed for you alongside your Medik8 therapist.