Weight Loss and Weight Management

Whatever your weight and diet management goals - whether you want to lose or gain weight, you need nutritional or diet support or require counselling for negative patterns and behaviours around food - Skin&Spirit are here to help!

We offer the following nurse/clinically supervised services:

  • Clinically supervised weight loss or weight gain programmes
  • Prescribed medication and weight loss aids, (eg. weight loss injections, obesity management medication, slimming pen, slimming injections, skinny pen*)
  • Obesity management
  • Tailored diet and nutrition planning
  • Counselling (including counselling for binge eating, overeating, food restricting and purge type behaviours)
  • Weekly/fortnightly weigh ins
  • Nurse support

All weight loss/weight management services offered by Skin&Spirit are subject to a clinical consultation to assess risk, ascertain suitability and rule out any contraindications.  A healthy balanced diet must be followed while taking any weight loss medicine prescribed by Skin&Spirit.  Costs will be quoted following your free, no obligation consultation.

*All weight management services at Skin&Spirit are provided by our Registered Nurse who has over 22 years experience of working with people with eating disorders.  Medication to support weight loss will only be prescribed if clinically appropriate and to be taken as part of a healthy eating/diet plan under Skin&Spirit's clinical supervision.